Silver-list   thread date re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer marshall dudley mon, 18 jan 2010 11:50:35 -0800 some cancers are caused by viruses. So if you kill the viruses it might stop the cancer. Marshall norton, steve wrote: i don't think that cs will have a direct affect on cancer but it can help by reducing the load on the immune system by killing infections and virus. buy generic drugs from india Thereby freeing up the immune system to fight the cancer. - steve n ----- original message ----- from: vigilius haufniensis to: silver-list@eskimo. Com sent: mon jan 18 13:01:55 2010 subject: re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer whats cs gonna to for cancer? I might try blood electrification, though. what does viagra ice cream taste like ----- original message ----- from: "sol" viagra canada overnight delivery @sweetwaterhsa. Com> to: order cheap viagra online Com> sent: monday, january 18, 2010 12:47 pm subject: re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer > the first thing *i* would do is start drinking at least 1 liter of cs per > day, with some dmso in it maybe, trying to gargle it so it gets to the > tonsils. viagra pills online > i am always amazed we have this wonderful substance with so many reports > of simply drinking cs in large quantities curing cancer, and whenever > anyone asks a cancer question it is so rare to see anyone suggest using cs > for it. >> many of the other suggestions are no doubt good and helpful, but 1 to 2 > liters a day of cs is what i would do first, and keep it going along with > whatever else i decided to try. > sol >>>scotty wrote: >>>i have a good friend that found out last week he has stage four cancer in >>>one of his tonsils that has spread to the surrounding lymph nodes. He is >>>going to stanford this week for 8 weeks of radiation and chemo. buying real viagra online Is there >>>anything else he can alternatively do? They have given him 2 to 6 months >>>to live if this treatment doesn't work. viagra for sale >>> -- > the silver list is a moderated forum for discussing colloidal silver. >> instructions for unsubscribing are posted at: >> to post, address your message to: silver-list@eskimo. Com >> address off-topic messages to: silver-off-topic-l... daily viagra blood pressure @eskimo. does viagra work on women too Com >> the silver list and off topic list archives are currently down... >> list maintainer: mike devour > re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer marshall dudley re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer sol re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer vigilius haufniensis re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer dorothy fitzpatrick re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer leslie re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer lisa re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer lisa re: cs>hpv tonsil cancer sunwaterclear - sunny. will taking half viagra pill work generic viagra india price

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