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Slow the growth and spread of the tumor. Where does testosterone come from? A chemical sequence in the brain signals the testicles, which make 90% of the body’s hormones, to begin production. A structure in the brain called the hypothalamus continually monitors the blood stream for adequate levels of testosterone. If these levels drop, the hypothalamus releases a chemical called gnrh (gonadotropin releasing hormone) or lhrh (luteinizing hormone releasing hormone). side effects of viagra with alcohol Gnrh acts as a messenger and travels to the pituitary gland where it plugs into designated receptors. should i take 25mg or 50mg viagra The pituitary gland receives the message from the hypothalamus and releases gn (gonadotropin) or lh (luteinizing hormone). Gonadotropin travels through the blood stream and stimulates the production of hormone in the testicles. Testosterone plugs into the receptors of the cells’ nuclei and helps them grow. The other 10 percent of testosterone is produced by the adrenal glands which are located close to the kidneys. much does viagra cost us How is hormone therapy administered? There are four basic methods androgen deprivation: castration, estrogen, anti – androgens, and combine androgen blockade. Castration uses orchiectomy , lhrg agonists , and lhrh antagonists to remove testicle-produced testosterone from the body. cheap vigra buy Orchiectomy surgically removes the testicles, while lhrh agonists and antagonists block the messenger process in the brain. A castrate level refers to having 90 to 95% testosterone less than that of a healthy male. Estrogen is not commonly used to treat prostate cancer because the synthetic version – diethylstilbestrol – has been shown to cause serious cardiovascular problems. Estrogen is the female sex hormone and cannot feed the prostatic tissue, but the hypothalamus will mistake estrogen for testosterone and stop gnrh production. Anti-androgens fill in the receptors of the cells. Testosterone circulates through the body but cannot interact with the prostate gland. viagra online bestellen paypal Combined androgen blockade uses both castration and anti-androgens to ablate testosterone 90% of testicle-produced hormone and to block the prostate’s ability to receive the hormone. viagra overnight Methods of delivering prostate cancer hormone therapy today, treatment is administered as neoadjuvant, adjuvant, and salvage therapy. Neoadjuvant is used before the primary treatment to shrink the prostate gland to an acceptable volume. buying generic viagra Adjuvant is used while patients are undergoing treatments. online pharmacy viagra Salvage is used when a primary treatment has failed. generic viagra usa to usa Androgen ablation may also be used intermittently, for example, in periods of 6 months on and 6 months off. order viagra online Some doctors believe intermittent therapy staves off the hormone refractory prostate cancer, which occurs when the disea. viagra non prescription in the uk Vichitex ® - Sitemap, Términos de Uso, Bajo licencia CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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